The ORIGINAL Green Company™

We’re sold on sustainability and have been for decades. Long before “being green” made a good sound bite, we knew it was just good business. Keyes has been running a sustainable, green business for decades, and continue to maintain our commitment to responsible innovation throughout our full lines of fruit, vegetable, egg and wine packaging made from recycled materials. whether it is old newsprint or your corrugated shipping box.

To see all the things we are doing to ensure we continue to have a “green world,” take a look in our sustainability section

We do
what works.
We do what's

Keyes’ extensive quality control procedures ensure that our packaging is produced to exacting standards, day after day, year after year.



Keyes and Wrap Pack are SQF Certified. The SQF Program (Safe Quality Food) is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and links primary production certification to food manufacturing, distribution and agent/broker management certification.
Download Keyes SQF Certificate (PDF).
Download Wrap Pack SQF Certificate (PDF).

AIB Recognition of Accomplishment

We also hold a recognition of accomplishment by the American Institute of Bakers. AIB monitors food safety practices for food processors and packaging manufacturers in the food industry.

Download Keyes AIB Certificate (PDF).

Download Wrap Pack AIB Certificate (PDF).

Product Guarantee

Our products are guaranteed under the FFDCA, for use in direct contact with whole fruit and eggs under typical storage conditions. Download our certificate of guarantee:

Keyes Product Guarantee (PDF)

Wrap Pack Guarantee (PDF)