Sustainable Manufacturing

Keyes Packaging Group is committed to constantly improving our manufacturing processes to achieve the most environmentally friendly practices and materials available today. These are some ways we make a real-world difference every day.

Making a Difference

Reclaiming Materials
The average U.S. household disposes of 2,200 pounds of garbage annually, 15% of which is newsprint and cardboard. Because 90% of our product comes from post-consumer/post- industrial waste, Keyes Fibre utilizes the waste newsprint and cardboard of approximately 217,000 households per year.

Conserving Water
We use 7,000 gallons less water for each ton of recycled material we process instead of virgin pulp—that’s almost 217 million gallons each year.

Saving Energy
Keyes Fibre saves about 4,100 kilowatt hours of energy for every ton of recycled paper we process instead of virgin pulp. That equates to enough energy to heat and power 15,000 homes per year.

Conserving Forests
By saving 10–17 trees for each ton of recycled fiber we use in place of virgin pulp, Keyes preserves almost 450,000 trees annually.

Reducing Pollution
By using recycled materials, Keyes Fibre keeps 720 tons of toxic emissions out of the atmosphere annually.

Preventing Landfill
For each ton of recyclable material we use, Keyes Fibre saves 3 cubic yards of landfill space. In one year, that equals 93,000 cubic yards—equivalent to a 100’ × 100’ building that’s over 25 stories tall.

Improving Manufacturing Operations

Inline Recycling
Even though our machines sometimes have a bad day, we return all of our product “hiccups” back into our pulper to get reformed into product.

Closed Loop
Our closed-loop water system pulls water from the Columbia River to cool our buildings and equipment, and then reuses the water in our manufacturing process. It does not get discharged into the river or the ground.

Energy Reduction
Keyes Fibre and Wrap Pack have reduced our overall energy consumption by 20% in the last three years.

Supplier Recycling
Keyes maintains recycling programs with many of our suppliers—from pallets to chemicals to excess plastic.

Efficient Lighting
In partnership with the PUD, Keyes and Wrap Pack converted all plant lighting from low- efficiency mercury vapor to CFL lights, reducing energy use by 5%.

Heat Reclamation
Keyes has reduced natural gas usage by 15% in last two years by using the excess heat from our manufacturing processes to heat our water.

Helping Communities

Local Recycling
Keyes covers 90% of its needs for corrugated cardboard by picking it up in our community.

Facilitating Sustainability
We provide balers to capture cardboard efficiently in many facilities in Wenatchee and Yakima.

Recycling Service
Keyes picks up office paper, pallets and excess plastic from local schools and hospitals.