A Long, Rich History

Martin L. Keyes was a proficient inventor in the late 1800s, who persevered through years of trial and error to develop the first paper plate molding machine. Fueled by a vision to reclaim waste wood chips and turn them into a useful product, he established Keyes Fibre in 1903. It has grown into one of the world's largest producers of molded fiber fruit and vegetable packaging. For more on the history of Keyes Packaging and Keyes Fibre, check out the article, "Pulpwood to Pie Plates – the Keyes Fibre Story."

Martin L. Keyes founded Keyes Fibre. His original paper-plate molding machine had a capacity of 50,000 pieces per day.

Keyes introduced egg trays, bottle packs, containers for light bulbs and fruit and vegetable packaging.

New plants are established in Indiana, California and Washington. Product shipments expand worldwide, from Brazil to Great Britain to South Africa.

1980 – Keyes developed the current standard apple tray design
1984 – Plant adds B Machine

1998 – First company to produce the 5 down Euro footprint

2004 – Keyes acuires Nu Form Packaging and Pactiv's molded fiber apple tray division, and is acquired by Tricor Pacific Capital
Tricor Pacific Capital

2006 – Keyes acquires Enviropak's molded fiber wine packaging line, as well as Interplast Packaging

2007 – Plant adds K Machine

2013 – Keyes is acquired by
Arbor Investments




1980s-early 2000s


Two plants located in Washington are united under one name:

Keyes Packaging Group®